How To Use Your Instagram Nametag

Who remembers QR codes? They carry a wide variety of applications, one of which has just been made use of by Instagram through the introduction of Nametags.

Instagram has in literal sense, revolutionized the way we use social media. What was initially meant to be a medium solely for the purpose of entertainment has now proved its popularity in the online marketing platform. Long gone are the days when one had to spell their Instagram usernames out loud in order to make someone follow them. No longer do you need to repeatedly ask whether the person’s username included a “b” for ball or a “d” for dog! All you need to do is scan a person’s Nametag on Instagram in order to follow them on social media using these few easy steps:

Find your Nametag!

Here’s how:

1.       Open your Instagram app on your phone.

2.       Go to the search icon found on the bottom of your screen

3.       Click on the dotted box found on the top right corner of your screen

4.       Click “Go to Your Nametag” on the bottom of your screen 

Customize it a little

You can make a few changes to the way your Nametag looks (but only a few)

  • You can change the background image or colour by clicking on the option at the top of your Nametag screen

  • You can display emoji’s on your Nametag by clicking on the word - a list of emojis will pop up. Simply select one you like.

  • And of course, you can even add a selfie! Take a selfie using any of the props provided. You can change the props simply by clicking on the screen.

Now that you have created your Nametag, it’s time to share it with others. Here’s how you can do just that:

  • Show your Nametag screen to someone in person for them to scan it

  • Take a screen shot in your phone and then share it online wherever you are able to post an image such as Facebook, Twitter, your email signature…

In order to scan someone else’s Nametag, all you need to do is repeat the above mentioned steps, scan their Nametag code and hit “follow” or “view profile”

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you can do so by scanning my Nametage here :)


Have fun with it, and let me know how you make out!

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