Creating Content That Connects

Do you ever feel frustrated with the task of creating your social media content? If you answered yes, you’re not alone! I hear this time and time again when speaking to people about their social media - that they just don’t know what to post - and, if they are posting, that their posts are just not getting any traction.

I’d like to share a few content secrets with you over the next few weeks in hopes to help you not only create great content that generates conversations for you online, but also helps keep you focused, on track and organized.

Secret No 1

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your ideal client is, is paramount in your online space. You need to know who you are targeting so your messaging can relate to them - and, you need to know them intimately! You need to know what resonates with them. What are they looking for in terms of value? Once you create content that resonates with them, they will like, comment and share that content with other like-minded people who may very likely also become your follower online as well.

You will find that once you create this resonance with your following - your ideal clients - you will create that ‘know like and trust’ factor. Then, when the time comes to sell a product, service or program, creating those marketing messages your ideal clients respond to won’t be as much of a struggle. You will be creating solutions that help solve their problems!

How do I determine who my Ideal Client is?

  • Ask your clients

  • Send out a survey

  • Create a client avatar

Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought - Marie Forleo

Here’s how to craft awesome content:


Let’s do a little more digging to find out more about our ideal client:

  1. What is their biggest challenge as it pertains to your product, service or program?

  2. What is your ideal solution to overcome those challenges?

  3. How can your biz solve that problem?

  4. What topics about your industry are they interested in learning more about?

  5. How are they currently using social media?

  6. What age, occupation and gender are they?

Answering these questions will help guide your social media content strategy.

Why should I care about this and how will I implement this in the real world?

When you have a crystal clear client profile, you will notice patterns in your content and responses to posts. You can then make any necessary small changes in your content as needed so that your ideal client will resonate with them.

Here’s an example: Your Ideal Client is a high level entrepreneur or executive with no time to spare. By creating small bite-size pieces of content this person can consume on the fly will be content they can really resonate with.

Another example: If you’re targeting moms of younger children you will likely need to post your social content in the early mornings or later in the evenings when you know the mom will more likely be online and not with her kids as she would be during the day.

Do you have an Ideal Client Profile? It really is the foundation of building a solid online presence. If you’re like me and love templates and guides, here is an Ideal Client worksheet you can print off and fill in to help you get clear. Your overall social strategy will thank you.

Next week I’ll share secret #2 with you - ‘Awesome Content Ideas Won’t Just Come to You’

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